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About Us

Odyssée Audit & Conseil is a consulting and auditing firm based in Republic of Djibouti more than 5 years old, headed by One founding partners more than 12 years old of experiences.


Based on their experience in audit and consulting firms and in large companies, Odyssée Audit & Conseil partners have convinced us that their role is to guide, advise and support companies in their search for highest performance and efficiency. Made of competent, experienced employees with more than 10 years of experience in public accounting in the financial departments and eager to offer their clients an accompaniment for the management of their company. 

Odyssée Audit & Conseil will meet your expectations and listen to you for sustainable support and a win-win partnership.

2017 Creation of Odyssée Audit & Consultancy
Creation of the audit firm “Odyssée Audit & Consultancy” in Republic in Djibouti

Cabinet odyssée was created in 2017 after the desire of its partners to provide advice and expertise to various companies in the area and after having acquired a solid expertise in the field of accounting and auditing.

2018 international network IEC net
Odyssée Firm joins the international network IEC net

After a successful application, "Odyssée Audit & Conseil" is accepted to join the international network of audit and consultancy firms "IEC net".

2019 Odyssée History
First participation of "Odyssée Audit & Conseil" in the AGM of IEC net in Argentina

Following its integration into the international network IEC net, the firm "Odyssée Audit & Conseil" participated in its first AGM which was held around October 2019 in Buenos Aires, Argentina?

2020 Odyssée History
Integration of "Odyssée Audit & Conseil" within the Djibouti Order of Chartered Accountants

After the adoption of the law N°53/AN/19/8th L relating to the exercise of the profession of Chartered Accountant and the functioning of the Order of Chartered Accountants of Djibouti in July 2019. Odyssée Audit & Conseil" is now an integral part of the Djibouti Order of Chartered Accountants.