Audit projects & NGO

Audit projects & NGO


Our objectives will be to ensure that funds donors have been properly disbursed by project management services and associations according to funding agreement


Through a specific audit methodology and project and association control tools, we ensure that:

1) All funds have been used,  accounted for and classified in accordance with the terms ot the applicable financing agreements.

2) All transactions were accounted for in accordance with generally accepted accounting principles;

3) Supplies and services financed were purchased in accordance with the applicable funding agreement and were properly recorded in the books of account;

4) All supporting documents, records and accounts have been retained for all project operations;

5) Where designated accounts or commonly called special accounts are used, such accounts shall be kept in accordance with the provisions of the relevant financing agreement;

6) The reconciliation statement between the amounts under « Funds Received from Lessors » and the amounts received from donor disbursements have been properly prepared and presented as an annex to the project’s financial statements;