Audit and advised

Audit and advised with procedures agreed with the client


In agreement with the client, this will involve performing audit and consulting work on the company’s processes. The guidelines will be dictated by the client, the main consulting works that we carry out are



Once we take into account the diligences of the client, it will be for us to set up a methodology that meets the expectations of the customer. At every stage of the work, an update meeting will be held with the client. It will also help us to direct our work on the concern raised by the customer.

Our analyzes and advice are based on solid factual information, processed according to rigorous methods. They lead to practical action plans, directly applicable, designed in close collaboration with the customers’ team.

Each of our missions is therefore tailor-made and fixed-term: it aims at a precise objective, with means defined in advance and according to a method agreed with our client.