IEC Net Network

About IEC Net Network

Created in 1987, IEC net is a network of qualified accounting, audit and tax professionals according to the respective laws of their jurisdictions. IEC has nearly 74 members and, thanks to its average size, strong and solid contacts have been established between members, for their own good, and especially for the good of their customers.

Net IEC members are represented in almost all European countries, as well as in the United States, Africa, Americana Latina but also in the East and Oceania. The group and its various centres offer the following services:

The audit of companies of all kinds and public institutions;

Formalities and acts concerning the life of companies;

International tax advice;

Advice on mergers and acquisitions;

vocational training; and

business valuation.



IEC members can thus have access to the Group’s international expertise and contacts. With members on five continents, IEC members can help their customers meet the highest international and local requirements.

In addition to auditing in accordance with IAS, his services include all other value-added areas, including management consulting. In addition, we carried out sector studies, reviews of information and management systems and internal control procedures.

IEC net members have extensive experience in all sectors of activity. Their references cover various fields: Industries, Services, Agriculture, Financial institutions, non-profit associations, development NGOs, etc. Most of its members are auditors of companies listed in the respective financial markets of their countries.

To date, the IEC net network has more than 74 offices worldwide. The head office is located in Paris. IECnet is strengthened by its alliances with the CPA-USA network of American accountants and the Canadian EPR network.

Most IECnet members are auditors, governed by their local laws. To ensure a quality audit service, IECnet has an audit committee responsible for the peer review of the various member offices.

To optimize our level of service, the IEC Audit Committee has written an Audit Guide for the sole use of IEC Chartered Accountants members. This guide includes all the International Audit Standards and includes all the information and questionnaires that our members need to undertake an international audit.

IECnet is a member of the Forum of Firms. The Forum of Firms, established in January 2001, contains some 20 of the largest audit networks in the world performing transnational assignments, provided they agree to comply with the Forum’s global quality standard and to engage in periodic external quality control. Its objective is to enable professional firms to participate in the work of IFAC through a small committee, the Transnational Audit Committee.

The objectives of the Forum of Firms are multiple:

Promote compliance with ISAs and the IFAC Code of Ethics;

Ensure appropriate internal and external control procedures;

Implement ISA and IAS training programs; and

Agree to contribute to the development of the profession in developing countries.

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